Inground Solutions | Capabilities
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Don’t get caught by unseen hazards!


Need to locate and identify INGROUND services? INGROUND SOLUTIONS will pinpoint where and what services, utilities and conditions are INGROUND




INGROUND SOLUTIONS is a utility location company that provides our clients with the resources, equipment and skilled personnel to tackle the numerous problems involved in determining the location, orientation and depth of INGROUND utilities.


INGROUND SOLUTIONS is a Telstra Accredited locator, with over 20 years experience we can assist in the following:
  • Pipe and Cable location and depth
  • Sewer/Stormwater services, location & depth
  • Telstra & Communication lines
  • Underground Cable faults
  • Underground storage tank location and identification
  • CAD & REVIT mapping of INGROUND assets
  • Non Destructive Vacuum Excavation
  • Surveying Solutions


Call the Industry experts in the location of INGROUND services!


We can locate and identify INGROUND pipes and cables.


INGROUND SOLUTIONS have a team of experienced professional locators who can detect, identify, locate and mark out underground utilities services. e.g. Telstra, Gas, Water, Electricity, Sewer, & Storm Water.


These services can then be exposed by use of Vacuum Excavation / Non Destructive Digging.


By using our Service Locators, we will be able to advise you if the location of your project is achievable. This minimises any risk of damage to INGROUND utilities, reducing cost of litigation, if damage to cables occurs, also better protects general public and contractors from risk of injuries in the event of an accident.


Don’t get caught by unseen hazards!