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Industrial Plumbing

Our Industrial Services portfolio includes industrial plumbing and mechanical piping services, provided to a range of medium to large-scale industrial clients. Our teams of highly skilled personnel provide innovative solutions tailored to the specific needs of our long-term Industrial client base.


Smith Bothers Group offers the following Industrial Plumbing and Pipeline Services:

  • Potable Water Lines
  • Specialised Potable water pipe lines for industry using the following materials
  • Polyethylene
  • Stainless Steel
  • Polypropylene
  • UPVC


Hot Tapping
Smith Brothers Group can minimise disruption to your operations. By providing Hot Tap connections to your live water and gas mains, there is no need to isolate the service. Hot tapping involves drilling through a valve connected to the mains external wall.


Pipe Cleaning
Smith Brothers Group operate equipment ranging from electric power drain cleaning machines to high velocity water jets to de-scale and/or de-root sewer or storm water drains from household pipe work to major sewer and stormwater assets.


In most cases, the high pressure drain cleaner reveal that tree roots searching for water have broken into the sewer or stormwater line and caused the blockage. In some cases a camera inspection of the line may be necessary to determine exactly where the problem is.


Chemical Tree Root Treatment
Tree roots are the most common cause of blocked drains in Australia. A combination of herbicides is placed in sewer drains as foam to eliminate roots and prevent further structural damage of the sewer pipe caused by live tree roots. Roots are killed and potential blockages are avoided. Only roots within the pipe and a very short distance outside the pipe are affected. Trees and shrubs immediately above ground are not harmed.


Preventative Maintenance
Have your sewer and stormwater drains checked regularly and follow up on any signs of blockage. Roots left growing in your pipes over a long period will eventually destroy your pipes and replacement will be necessary.


Preventative maintenance programmes can be designed to meet your budget and unique requirements. The program may include CCTV inspection, cleaning, leak detection, repairs, replacement, renovation (including re-lining), tree root inhibitor treatment or a combination of these.


Recurring Blockages & Pipe Replacement
For recurring blockages the CCTV drain camera can be utilised to locate the cause of the problem. As a specialist in drain cleaning and pipe management, we are confident that in 98% of sewer line blockages, we can clear the blockage effectively without digging or replacing the pipe work. This will save you money and the inconvenience of excavation or demolition.


Poly Pipe Welding
Poly pipe is durable and cost effective for both new and existing installations. Due to a long life span and its resistant properties poly pipe is worth considering for your industrial projects. Smith Brothers Group can complete poly pipe installations utilising both butt and electrofusion welding.


Backflow Prevention
Smith Brothers Group recognises the importance of protecting your potable water mains. Backflow prevention devices prevent contaminants feeding back into the water main, by means of non-return valves and reduced pressure zone valves. We are qualified to install, maintain, test and certify your backflow prevention valves. Backflow prevention can be installed in the following locations.

  • Boundary protection.
  • Zone protection.
  • Individual appliance protection.


Sewage and effluent Treatment plants and spill control systems include;
Smith Brothers Group can supply a solution for tradewaste and effluent treatment and disposal including.

  • Sewerage and effluent treatment, reuse and or disposal
  • Oil separators
  • Industrial waste arresters.


Hydraulic Design
Modeltec BIM Specialists offer the complete package including hydraulic design, drafting and installation. The objective of the Modeltec hydraulic consultancy team is to provide a quality design with the utmost consideration for the clients needs and to provide the most economical design possible. We have successfully completed design and installation of Industrial Plumbing.


Projects including:

  • Mining Camp accommodation
  • Remote Site Ablution Facilities
  • Arresters for neutralizing waste from Laboratories.
  • Oil water separator
  • Sewage effluent disposal system