Inground Solutions | Industrial Relations
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Industrial Relations

INGROUND SOLUTIONS acknowledges the importance of our most valuable asset, our people. We focus on attracting and retaining highly skilled people who support the INGROUND SOLUTIONS culture and aspire to maintain world-class operational safety and environmental standards.


Our human resources procedures are incorporated into our overall Business Management System, ensuring Human Resource Management remains at the forefront of our business practices, sustainable development philosophy and overall decision-making processes. INGROUND SOLUTIONS believes the dedication of management, the commitment of our personnel and the implementation of these measures will provide an environment for our people to have respect and be respected, provide leadership and interaction, maximise their opportunity for growth and provide our business with a sustainable and successful future.


INGROUND SOLUTIONS is a leader in employee relations within the construction, maintenance and facility management industries. INGROUND SOLUTIONS encourages a high standard of work ethics, flexibility and company loyalty and is an equal opportunity employer.


The Industrial Relations Policy and approach of parent company S F Management Group of companies is based on the premise that to achieve the mutual objectives of client satisfaction and project viability, S F Management Group of companies will need to engage the appropriate employees on the correct legal/industrial basis. This approach is detailed as follows:



  • To avoid disruption by the proper management of industrial risks.
  • To facilitate work performance which is both productive and of high quality.
  • To ensure that contracts are completed on schedule and to the Clients satisfaction.
  • To avoid the intrusion of inappropriate practices or payments, which may impact on the industry in general.
  • To acknowledge Industrial Relations confines as determined by the client and to act in concert with other contractors to ensure a coordinated approach to on-site industrial relations.


Induction Practices

All employees of S F Management Group of companies will be inducted prior to on-site commencement to ensure a complete understanding of industrial relations, work performance and Occupational Health and Safety requirements.


Employment Practices

The aim of S F Management Group of companies employment practices is to ensure that only appropriate employees are engaged, meaning they are:

  • Careful, skilled and experienced in their relevant trades or roles.
  • Able to demonstrate a reliable Industrial Relations and work performance history.
  • Committed to the application of safe working practices and care of plant, equipment and property.