Inground Solutions | Leak Detection
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Leak Detection

INGROUND SOLUTIONS has been conducting both small and large scale detection programmes for over 25 years.


INGROUND SOLUTIONS prides itself in working with clients to customise solutions to suit their system needs.


INGROUND SOLUTIONS can provide a full service offering multiple techniques and technologies to provide in-depth information on Trunk Mains. Technologies include acoustic, CCTV, and condition assessment approaches to locate leakage, measure pipe wall thickness, voids and visual inspection of the internal pipe.



At INGROUND SOLUTIONS we provide solutions for all types of cracks, leaks and maintenance requirements. Our team of experts assess and provide solutions for sealing, remediation or waterproofing according to the situational factors.


Whatever the situation, dry or wet conditions we use the right product and meet structural and non-structural requirements for applications such as:

  • Leaking reservoirs
  • Ground stabilisation
  • Structural repairs to bridges and beams
  • Leaking tunnels and construction pits
  • Leaking basements and car parks
  • Re-establish seals and improves the integrity of the structure
  • Civil engineering structures
  • Movement or stationary cracks
  • Construction or expansion joints


INGROUND SOLUTIONS uses the latest injection technology, polyurethane resin, acrylic gel, epoxy resin and mineral suspension solutions for applications such as bridges, buildings and tunnels.


Water Loss Detection & Audits

Water balances and the associated metrics are becoming the norm in assessing non-revenue water within a water reticulation system. INGROUND SOLUTIONS assist clients in validating data, and establishing key metrics for Strategic Planning initiatives.

With in depth practical field and technical experience, INGROUND SOLUTIONS is able to advise clients on the components that will give them the best financial return on investment. This enables Engineers to write proposals for delivery to senior management, and to target funding appropriately.