Inground Solutions | Location Services & Faults
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Location Services & Faults

Need to Locate and Identify inground Services?


Inground Pipes and Cables such as domestic water, fire services, gas networks, high voltage and low voltage electrical networks, telecommunications, storm water and sewer assets.


If it is INGROUND “ we can locate it “


In the event that a pipe cannot be traced via standard techniques, such as clay, PVC or concrete, we can trace the pipe utilising a sonde which will carry our locating signal or Non Destructively Dig (NDD) to confirm the service location. Both techniques allow the determination of pipe depth and its alignment.


We are a recognised locator of telecommunications. We use electronic transmitting equipment to trace and locate telecom without disruption to actual communication lines.


Sewer & Stormwater
In most application the use of a rod or sonde is utilised to trace a storm water or sewer pipe path.


PVC Water
The use of Vacuum excavation and NDD is used to establish the alignment and depth of these services.


Cable Fault Location


It is now a common practice to run electrical service underground. This includes city buildings to sports stadiums to household supply. The increased use of buried services makes the determination and location of electrical faults of vital importance. Telecommunications are treated in the same manner as power cables.


With the combination of standard locating equipment and an application specific electronic receiver we have the ability to pin point electrical faults. As illustrated in the picture below it is possible to determine the fault location with great accuracy.
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