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Vacuum Hydro Excavation

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Also known as Non Destructive Digging (NDD) uses high pressure water & vacuum excavation to visually locate the depth of services prior to excavation preventing damage to services from general excavation methods.

Location Services & Faults

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Inground Pipes and Cables such as water mains, fire services, gas networks, high and low voltage electrical networks, telecommunications, storm water and sewer assets.

Surveying Systems

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The use of CAD, Trimble & Revit 3D GPS systems produces concise and easily read plans of underground assets maximising machine productivity with 3D grade control.


We detect and provide solutions for all types of cracks, leaks, providing solutions for sealing, remediation or waterproofing according to the situational factors.


Fully trained technicians in confined space, tank entry and cleaning methods for high pressure cleaning of internal and external surfaces of tanks, vessels and ships bilges.

Industrial Plumbing

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Our Industrial Services portfolio includes industrial plumbing and mechanical piping services, provided to a range of medium to large-scale industrial clients.


Ensure your fire systems are regularly maintained as required by Australian legislation. Water flow commissioning and hydrostatic testing are performed.


Pumps consume over 80% of total power worldwide. Huge savings can be achieved through the testing of the performance and efficiency of your pumps.

Concrete Scanning & Repairs

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Our Ground Penetrating Radar concrete scanning units are designed for the non-destructive investigation and imaging of concrete and other man-made structures. We can repair, remediate, refurbish and protect concrete from deterioration.


Hire the equipment you need to get the job done fast. We have a large range of specialised earthmoving equipment available to hire and the best operators in the industry.