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Survey Systems

A greater level of problem solving

The use of CAD, Trimble & Revit 3D systems produces concise and easily read plans of underground assets creating for our clients a permanent record of existing utilities so future planning and work can be carried out quickly and safely.


The combination of portable computers, CAD, Trimble & Revit 3D and our locating experience enables us to trace, locate and record information on site.


With the instant transfer of locates, offsets and depths to scaled drawings the end result is accurate and productive.


To enhance the final drawing the use of layers and line colours enables quick overlays and issue of specific service drawings.


Surveying and Mapping layers are all important to Utilities in managing their assets. INGROUND SOLUTIONS has the capability to map assets to an accuracy of < 50mm.


Asset location and accuracy can often be provided while conducting other programmed applications such as leak detection and data logging. This simple form of reporting can be provided, or more detailed information can be collected under a customised program to suit our clients needs.


INGROUND SOLUTIONS use high accuracy GPS for all positional information


Trimble Surveying

Our team of highly experienced, in-house surveyors, have refined our excavation methods with Trimble Site Vision Grade, delivering a more timely and accurate excavation and backfill process, this technology maximises machine productivity with 3D grade control.


Utilizing Revit/BIM and Point Layout software from our in house modelling department we are able to implement on site set out delivering mm accuracy quickly and efficiently without the use of tape measures and old school methods.


We have invested and are currently implementing new technology using Robotic Survey as well as RTK GNSS Survey where we can deliver specific style set out dependent on logistical site conditions and external environmental conditions.


Using both RTK and Robotic survey we are implementing across multi-story, Civil, Commercial, and Industrial & Infrastructure projects across South Australia.


Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging helps you catch problems immediately, diagnose them correctly, and work far more efficiently. Perform energy audits, find moisture damage, spot mechanical wear, check for electrical overloading, justify repairs, and minimise downtime.


Thermal imaging can show you so much more gives you a wider view for scanning larger areas in finer detail and collect reliable temperature data..