Inground Solutions | Technologies
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Barcoding and GPS

Data collation of assets with rating of service requirements, life expectancy of assets and solution to extend the working life of the asset if maintained and serviced in a programmed manner therefore gaining whole of life operation of the asset.


Project delivery reporting Asset condition reporting.
Maintenance scheduling & bypass methods required for critical asset fails.


Water treatment

Accredited for testing & analysis, conduct dosing & chemical treatment.


Corrosion mitigation and cathodic protection

Techniques to extend the life of the asset.


GPR (ground penetrating radar)

Latest units globally, these units detect all in ground services including non-metallic pipes, conduits and voids up to 10 metres deep. Saving to client of > 30% on traditional locating equipment methods.


Tank, liquid waste pumping and removal, pump cleaning and repairs or replacements

We operate a large fleet of EPA accredited high pressure tank cleaning and vacuum trucks and specialised equipment.


Pump Station Cleaning, Pumping and Maintenance

We work directly for SA Water, All Water, Trilogy, metro & regional councils/authorities combining our equipment and resources.


Trade waste pits, oil separators, silt traps

Design, maintain & clean/pump these units; design new units with latest technology to reduce clients operating & maintenance costs.


Confined Space Entry

Accredited licenced team in-house. Confined Space Entry, Gas Detection and Rescue equipment.


Locating And Depthing

Existing Critical Services Equipment to locate and depth critical in ground services – communications, fire, security cables & conduits.


X-Ray Detection Units

To detect voids, embedded steel, re- enforcing steel, conduits, wiring, pipe depths & location in concrete and pre cast structures and floors/ walls.


Thermal Imaging Units

To detect hot spot locations of pumps, service connections, pipework, structures, heat loss, drafts. Energy saving reporting.


CCTV Robotic Cameras

Mini 30mm entry to 3 metre pipework, cavities, conduits etc. With full reporting including location sonde attachments to our CCTV units to follow, locate, depth the pipe, cavity or conduit.


Pool, Spa, Pump, Pond Leak Detection and Pipe Relining

To reline underground or concealed pipework, pits, sumps, manholes, conduits. Capabilities with proven saving to clients. Example: Burnside and Payneham public swimming pools saved both clients/councils combined $2.7m using our testing and relining techniques.


Data Collection

We service clients with in house data collection and live time details on equipment and asset conditions.


Test & Tag

We test backflow equipment, thermostatic mixing valves, hot water units, chiller units, boiling water units & mandatory grease arrestor pits; GPS locate, barcode asset with description, work carried out and any further comment, filed and supplied to client.


Water & Gas Leak Detection

Latest technology to pinpoint in ground and concealed above ground leaks.


CAD & Revit 3D Design- MODELTEC BIM Services

In-house hydraulic consultants and survey staff. We locate existing services with GPR units, CCTV pipework or conduit with sonde attachment, expose pipes, conduits, voids etc. with NDD (non-destructive digging/potholing), survey the asset for type of material, condition, exact depth, plot and overlay services & provide CAD drawing of the surveyed asset, layered services within the location of the service or asset to have As-Installed or As-Built permanent record for the client to forward manage or have exact knowledge of the area surveyed for future repairs or building works.
Modeltec is centred around BIM “ Building Information Modelling, a process involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of a facility. The resulting building information models become shared knowledge resources and support decision-making about a facility from the earliest conceptual stages, through design and construction, to its operational life and eventual demolition.


Trimble Surveying

Utilizing Revit/BIM and Point Layout software from our in house modelling department we are able to implement on site set out delivering mm accuracy quickly and efficiently without the use of tape measures and old school methods.


We have invested and are currently implementing new technology using Robotic Survey as well as RTK GNSS Survey where we can deliver specific style set out dependent on logistical site conditions and external environmental conditions.


Using both RTK and Robotic survey we are implementing across multi-story, Civil, Commercial, and Industrial & Infrastructure projects across South Australia.


  • Hydraulic Services Engineering
  • Autodesk Revit 3D Design Solutions
  • Building Services Design Coordination & Clash Detection
  • BIM Design Solutions
  • Autodesk Navisworks Collaboration
  • Autodesk AutoCAD 2D Design & Drafting Solutions
  • 3D Visualisation & Animations/Walk-Throughs
  • Asbuilt Documentation
  • Trimble Point Creator & Field Link For MEP Solutions
  • Existing Services Infrastructure Site Surveys
  • Project Management

GPS Asset Location & Tracking Systems

GPS location asset technology to immediately locate critical service pumps and isolation points to quickly identify and shut down services and locate these services by our service divisions whereby the location of a critical isolation point is despatched to the service tech who in turn locates the asset via GPS tracking and can react immediately to isolate, shutdown or reset the identified equipment. This system is also implemented with barcoding the asset so the tech has all the previous details on any work done to the asset via laptop computer, smart phone or tablet. This reduces risk to the client and the work or repairs can be conducted immediately with reduced shut down timing.